Snap-happy smartphone owners ditching digital cameras

Smartphone replacing the Camera?

Smartphones have led to many changes – some good, some bad.

They’ve changed how we interact with friends and family. They’ve changed how we interact with the world via social media. They’ve changed how we surf the web.

They’ve changed how we shop. They’ve even changed how travel and get from A to B. And one of the most interesting developments is how they’ve changed the way we take pictures to document the trivial and important events that happen each and every day around the world.

All smartphone owners fancy themselves as the next David Bailey. Armed with a powerful camera, users can take snaps and videos and upload them to the net in an instant.

Take the Samsung Galaxy SIII, for instance, it has an eight megapixel camera, which provides stiff competition to many of the digital cameras on the market, as well as the ability to record HD-quality videos.

Slump in digi camera sales

Hardly surprising, then, that digital camera sales have decreased, with a new survey by retail analysts revealing a drop of 29% in the last five years. Sales of camcorders also dipped 21% in the same timeframe.

Experts are warning camera manufacturers to embrace advances in technology to improve connectivity or face further slump in sales.

Samuel Gee, technology analyst at Mintel, told the Daily Mail: “Camera manufacturers must choose to either invest in a web service that complements captured photos or video, or to focus on including new, innovative hardware capabilities and modifications, to retain consumer interest.

“Although smartphone cameras do not typically match the quality of output of dedicated devices, the technology is consistently improving, as the quality of camera image output becomes too high for consumers to reliably distinguish between competitors.

“As newer technology continues to improve the specifications of top-end equipment, measurements like megapixel density or the top level of optical zoom possible will become meaningless to consumers best served by less expensive, middle-of-the-field devices.”

Has a smartphone replaced your digital camera?

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