Calling internationally doesn’t need to be expensive

They’re notoriously expensive, usually full of hidden call costs and poor quality so why would you even bother try calling internationally?! When you have a loved one or colleague overseas, it’s a necessity to be able to reach them by phone, so what do you do?

Fear not, 0800NumberShop has the answer: cheap, high quality, international phone calls anytime you want, to anywhere in the world.

Because of our infrastructure, we can provide you with a dedicated 0844 number for you to direct to an international location of your choice, which will let you call your friends, family or colleagues for just 4p a minute from a landline.

Through our tier 1 network, Core Telecom, you are guaranteed that your calls will always be executed at the highest quality and 100 per cent reliable.

Calls from mobiles will be subject to your service provider’s rates, so we suggest you seek advice before using your mobile to call!


Contact one of our account managers today to find out how you can start calling internationally for as little as 4p a minute!

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