Cardiff commuters top customer service poll

How is your commute to the office?

Who can honestly say they enjoy their commute to work? And who can honestly say that travelling to the office on public transport – and in particular by rail – is anything other than an ordeal?

Overcrowded trains and rising ticket prices are a bugbear for thousands of commuters in the UK, not to mention services that are delayed or cancelled altogether.

New research compiled by Campaign for Better Transport has now found that commuters in Cardiff top the Happiest Commuter Index after train services in 11 cities were compared, while Manchester finished bottom.

The cities profiled in the survey were Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. These were graded on affordability, overcrowding and punctuality.

And here’s how they ranked in terms of having the happiest commuters.

1. Cardiff
2. Newcastle
3. Nottingham
4. Birmingham
5. Leeds
6. Liverpool
7. Leicester
8. Sheffield
9. Bristol
10. London
11. Manchester

Richard Hebditch, campaigns director at Campaign for Better Transport, said: “Surveys show that affordability is the most important issue for passengers, even more than punctuality or overcrowding, and our list shows just how much it affects their experience of rail travel.

“Whilst passengers in Cardiff and Newcastle are likely to be happy with their commute, they may not be so happy if the cost of their season ticket starts to rise to levels seen elsewhere in the country, something we know the Government is seriously considering.

“With rail fares already sky high across the country, and the Government set to raise fares by 3 per cent above inflation next January, the chances of finding happiness on the daily commute are going to be slim.”

Do you catch the train to work in one of the surveyed cities? Do you agree with the research findings? What is your commute to work like?

(Photo courtesy of NicestAlan on Flickr)

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