Cloud Computing: Why should your small businesses be using it?

The sustainability and safety of a business and its data is just one of the fundamental things that should be at the forefront of the mind of any small business owner. The workplace is evolving and more and more businesses are finding it beneficial to be ‘online’ 24 hours a day. When you put these elements together, we’re already building up a good argument as to why your business should be using cloud computing.

Having all of your business’ data and files stored in a remote place ready to be called to action at any time offers your business improved flexibility, efficiency and profitability all in one fell swoop. Being able to access business files from any location allows your office to be set up in anywhere so that you can cater for your customer needs from anywhere, anytime.

As well as offering improved flexibility, it has been found in a recent survey that from a large number of both UK and US companies, up to 88 per cent said that cloud services actually saved them money, along with 60 per cent saying the cloud has helped to reduce the need to maintain their own IT infrastructure, as they have a separate back-up to rely upon. The majority of those surveyed also said the cloud has helped them expand their business and increase profits.

Cloud services can go further than just storing your files; they can also be used to take what are usually time-consuming jobs to a third-party, effectively outsourcing some of your work but on a virtual platform, saving businesses both time and money.

It may sound risky to allow all of your data to be stored remotely, the software and telephone systems offer many secure ways to keep your files private to your company and inaccessible to third parties, keeping you free to reap the benefits!

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