How our FREE call management package can help your business to prosper

Here at, as our name suggests, we are the leading provider of freephone 0800 numbers in the UK – but that’s only part of the service we offer!

That’s because our customers receive a helpful call management package free of charge as an added bonus.

Here we look at what’s in the package and the different business solutions we offer for free:

Access and analyse your call statistics online

Companies can learn a wealth of interesting information from call statistics, including the total number of calls received and when the calls occured. This can help to plan for peak times and to check on the progress of marketing campaigns. All this and more is available online as and when you want to access it.

Forward on calls to anywhere you like

There will be times when you require calls forwarding on to a different number for whatever reason and we offer the opportunity to do so to anywhere you like while still ensuring that the call remains toll-free for customers.

Have a professional voicemail    

Our voicemail service includes a professional greeting to ensure that you can cope during periods of high demand and around the clock. The business world is 24/7 in the modern era, so it’s vital to have the tools in place to be able keep in touch with customers. As well as having voicemail, we can also send you an email alert with a recording of the message attached. You’ll never miss a crucial business call ever again!

Decipher between personal and business calls at home

If you need to divert business calls to your home telephone number then it’s important to be on the ball whenever a business call comes through. With Call Whisper, you’ll hear a brief message on the line before the caller is connected to you, leaving you with enough time to prepare for the call.

Get fax messages sent to your email

The future looks bleak for fax machine as other forms of communication take precedence, but companies do still use them. Our Fax to Email service is pretty self-explanatory really as it means that any faxes sent to a certain number will be converted into an email and forwarded on to the relevant people.

Appear more professional thanks to Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant allows you to departmentalise your company so that callers can quickly and efficiently be put through to the right people to deal with a particular enquiry. A welcome message will also greet callers.

If you require any further information on any of our call services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced sales team will be able to answer any questions, they are available on: Tel: 0800 002 9200 or Email:

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