Majority of UK consumers want to get rid of their fixed phone line

dockntalk3A survey has revealed that 64 per cent of respondents would get rid of their fixed phone line if it wasn’t required for home broadband.

Of the 998 internet users surveyed by between 15th July and 12th August, it was found that over two thirds of consumers would be more than willing to do away with their fixed telephone line, with another 15 per cent saying that they would consider it.

High prices of line rentals and people preferring to make voice calls from their mobiles have been blamed as the reason for the decreasing demand to keep home fixed line telephones.

Over 62 per cent of people are now choosing to make voice calls from their mobiles, with less than 30 per cent using their fixed phone line.

The price of line rental has steadily increased over the last few years, with the average monthly cost currently being around £10 to £15.

“Mobiles are becoming increasingly dominant, at least for voice calls, and so we shouldn’t be surprised that the once attractive proposition of owning a fixed phone line is now under pressure,” said’s founder, Mark Jackson.

“Most consumers still require a fixed line for their home broadband service but in the coming years this too could face a similar threat from the increasingly sophisticated 4G and 5G based mobile broadband services.”

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