Ofcom announce important changes to call charges to 0800 Numbers

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced new plans to make call charges to 0800 numbers clearer for consumers to understand.

Currently, an 0800 number free to call from UK landlines, but dependant on the network they can be charged at anything from 10p – 40p per minute from a mobile. Following consultation which has been ongoing since last year, Ofcom want to make all 0800 numbers free to call from all telephones. This will tackle what they describe as ‘consumer confusion’.

Ed Richards, Ofcom’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Consumers need to have far more transparency about the price they are going to pay for calls so that they can make more informed choice and so competition can work more effectively.

‘Making 0800 free from mobiles and giving people clarity about what they are paying for will improve transparency, improve competition and enhance trust in these important services.’

Although there is no strict date when the new charges will be implemented, it is clear that in the near future all 0800 numbers will be free to call  from all phones, including mobiles.

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