Remembering Phone Numbers – A Thing of The Past?

Remembering Phone Numbers

(Photo courtesy of Margaret Stranks on Flickr)

Remember the days when you could recite 4 or 5 phone numbers off by heart? They were usually landlines to be fair which is pretty easy once you have the area code down. When the first mobile phones came out it was admittedly harder to get the important numbers entrenched in your brain but we managed it! Since mobile phones have become increasingly smarter, the need to remember numbers off by heart has diminished. The majority of us have our electronic phone books to hand, if not close to, most of the time.

We are so dependent on our phones that we don’t consider the implications of our reliance until it’s too late. What if there was an emergency situation in which your phone was not available? Maybe you lose it, it’s stolen, or perhaps it’s simply run out of battery, how will you possibly call someone?

We need to retrain our brains to remember those 11 digit numbers that have become so elusive. Luckily Thorin Klosowski at has come up with a new and innovative way to get mobile numbers to stick.

It’s simple really; the process involves deleting names from your phone, the important ones at least. Start with perhaps your mum/flatmate/other half, someone who is likely to call and/or text you fairly often.

By the end of at least a 2 week period, after seeing a certain combination of numbers so many times you will more than likely be able to recite them off by heart!

Try it yourself! It’s a great way to learn numbers without noticing you’re doing it! It relies on the subconscious part of your brain that learns visually. Some people absorb information a lot faster through visual learning so it may take others a little longer, but we all have the ability to some degree.

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