Nationwide takes first steps to become fully free to phone

nationwideBanking giants Nationwide Building Society announced yesterday that they have moved their main customer service phone number over to the free to phone 0800 range.

In a move to offer customers a free way to call from landlines, and mobiles as of June 2015, the bank has said that this move will be the first of many throughout the year. Continue reading Nationwide takes first steps to become fully free to phone

The importance of crisis management

There can be no doubting what the major news dominating the headlines in the UK over the past seven days has been as computer problems caused a banking crisis.

NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers have been affected, leaving people unable to access their money and unable to transfer funds.

A week since it started and normal service is yet to be resumed, much to the frustration of the people of all ages involved. Continue reading The importance of crisis management

Improve your telephone manner

Improve your telephone manner

(Photo courtesy of zigazou76 on Flickr)

Communication – both internally and externally – plays a vital part in how a company operates on a daily basis.

Customers are the very lifeblood and many businesses deal exclusively with current and potential new customers via the telephone, meaning it’s crucial to make the right impression and communicate properly with them.

Talking on the phone, though, is a skill that some people find tricky to master on a business level, so here are a few things to remember the next time your phone rings at work: Continue reading Improve your telephone manner