Lessons to be learnt from new customer service survey

Customer Service Report

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A new customer satisfaction survey has praised as well as named and shamed companies in the UK for the level of customer service they give – and it gives plenty of food for thought for business owners.

Which? consumer group asked over 11,000 members of the public for their feedback on 100 shops and then ranked them accordingly.

Richer Sounds, Lush, Lakeland, Disney Store and John Lewis all came out in the top five and impressed with excellent customer service and by employing knowledgeable, experienced staff. Continue reading Lessons to be learnt from new customer service survey

Improve your telephone manner

Improve your telephone manner

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Communication – both internally and externally – plays a vital part in how a company operates on a daily basis.

Customers are the very lifeblood and many businesses deal exclusively with current and potential new customers via the telephone, meaning it’s crucial to make the right impression and communicate properly with them.

Talking on the phone, though, is a skill that some people find tricky to master on a business level, so here are a few things to remember the next time your phone rings at work: Continue reading Improve your telephone manner