The £5 challenge – Make One Change A Month and Overhaul Your Business!

Promoting your startup business or SME across the UK need not be as scary as it sounds. For as little as £5 a month you could instantly overhaul your business image and attract thousands more customers to your business.

It’s been proven time and time again, that using an 0800 or 03 number as your main business number can increase sales enquiries by up to 175 per cent. So, at as little as £5 a month, what would you give up to bring more customers to your business?

Macdonalds Big Mac Meal – If you skip one Macdonald’s a month, you could soon be affording slap up meals with all the business you’ll gain from your new 0800 number.

2 pints of beer – Be instantly healthier both in your body and your wallet by spending that money on an 0800 business number, to encourage more customers to come to you. You can buy them a pint with your extra revenue!

Fish and chips – Put the grease on hold for one night a month and get an 0800 number for your business.

A bottle of rose – For the price of an average bottle of wine, you can encourage more customers to approach your business.

Tesco meal deal – Make your lunch at home once a month and you can boost your business with the money you save!

Fried Breakfast – Instead of splashing out on a Full English, spend that money on an 0800 number and encourage your business to grow.

Pack of cigarettes – Everyone’s knows the health benefits of quitting smoking, so give yourself a head start by cutting out just one pack a month, and invest the money in expanding your customer base.

Cinema snacks – You can still go and enjoy the latest film, just leave out the cinema snacks! With the money you save you can boost your professional image and promote a nationwide presence.


Just making one change a month, you can adopt a memorable 0800 number, which could mean the difference between a new influx of customers and losing out to your competitors.

Remember, every number provided by 0800NumberShop is complemented by our Call Management package, which ensures that your business will continue to provide top quality and efficient customer service, no matter how busy you get. Call 0800 002 9200 today to connect your 0800 number!

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