The benefits of an IVR

Today it was revealed that a man is so fed up with recorded call centre menus that he’s spent the last SEVEN years working out the number sequences you need to press it order to reach the right service or department straight way, without having to listen to each stage of the menu in its entirety.

Over the years, he found that it could take up to ten minutes to reach the person or service he wanted, so it’s understandable that people get frustrated!


This DOES NOT need to be the case…


When used effectively, an IVR (as recorded menus are better known) can be highly beneficial to the company that uses it.

Used in place of a human receptionist, an IVR greets the caller in a professional manner and gives them the option to choose from the menu so that they can dictate who they talk to. It’s a bit of a minefield, making full use of the benefits an IVR can bring whilst ensuring you don’t overstep the mark in to frustrating the caller!


We’ve put together our top 5 tips of how to make sure your IVR is used to its full potential:


1. Keep the menu short (it’s when you have many stages to the menu where the frustrations begin) and ensure that once the caller has selected their destination, they speak to an actual person. Remember the IVR is there to act as a welcome to your business, not to deal with what the caller wants!

2. An IVR can also help your business present a bigger image along with showing the caller that you care. By providing options to choose from, you immediately seem bigger to the caller, yet with the professional greeting, you show the call is valued.

3. Ensure that the menu is clear – nothing will frustrate the caller more if they have to listen to the menu repeatedly because they don’t understand what the options are!

4. Only use an IVR when it’s necessary, for example, at peak business times. If you have someone available to answer the phone then let them! You can pick and choose when you’d like your IVR to kick in, just speak to your provider.

5. Make sure it’s working. Occasionally call the number using the IVR to ensure that no faults have occurred!

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