Why getting an 0800 number makes good business sense

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If you’re running a business, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch – whether it’s by email, post or perhaps most importantly of all, by phone.

It might seem strange, but a memorable phone number can help make it easier for customers to contact you and getting an 0800 number might be the way to do it.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It could save you money. The cost of 0800 numbers with 0800NumberShop.co.uk is very affordable and we have THE cheapest rates in the UK, with prices starting at just £4.99 a month. It’s proven that 0800 numbers help to increase the amount of calls made to any business or organisation with one, so it will be a sound investment.


  • 0800 numbers are more recognisable and memorable than phone numbers that start with local area codes. As they’re nationally recognised, getting an 0800 number will give clients and customers the impression that your company is trustworthy and create a national presence rapidly.


  • Having an 0800 number shows that you’re open to customers and clients far and wide. If you have a phone number with a local area code, then that could give people the impression that you’re not a forward-looking business.


  • Another benefit of having an 0800 phone number for your business is that you can analyse the number of enquiries you get, and where they come from. This will help you to identify where you get the most enquiries from, and could give you something to build on when targeting new customers.


  • Once you buy an 0800 number, you keep that for life. There’s no re-registering, paperwork or renewal involved, saving you plenty of time that could be put to good use elsewhere.

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