Why phone calls are still the best way for customers to contact your business

Phone CallsToday, there are so many ways in which customers can get in touch with businesses. As well as popping into their shop, they can also e-mail you, send you a message via a social networking site like Facebook or, if they’re unsure of how to go through, will use more traditional means such as calling you.

While e-mail and text enquiries are all useful and convenient, most people prefer to get in touch with a company by phone, and here are some of the reasons why this is the case:

1. People with access to a landline or mobile phone can make a phone call at any time. This might not be the case when wanting to send an email or pay a visit to the office, as they might be restricted by connections or opening hours.

2. By making a phone call, customers can get their point across much more clearly by talking to you direct than they would do in an email or text message. They would feel that it’s easier to get a straight answer from you, and would also ask questions that they may omit from an email enquiry.

3. By calling you, they’ll be able to talk to a person, and will probably feel more comfortable when talking to you about whatever they want or need from your business.

4. If your company has a Freephone number, they can call you free of charge, which means that they don’t have to worry about paying over the odds for a call that could last several minutes.

5. Phone numbers are generally easier to remember than email addresses and office addresses. If you have a regular client or customer who calls you, they’re more likely to get in touch with you by phone if they have something specific they want to talk to you about.

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